The tools, scripts, modules, etc. are available in bundled form from the download server. A few links are provided here for some of them.

Please note that many of these files contain site-specific paths and other elements which may need to be modified to work somewhere else. Also, any third-party software which has licensing constraints is included by reference only.

ToolPrograms DependenciesDocumentation
The script for finding significant GO terms from a list of genes, using gene ontology and gene association files produced by the GO Consortium and the GO-TermFinder perl module.
Our web implementation uses some modified portions of the GO-TermFinder perl module. These can be obtained from the download server.
A simple perl script to generate heatmaps. Large images are split into multiple images. A html table is output to put them back together. html
None yet
A script that takes two delimited text files and merges rows together that share a common identifier.
Delimited text converter
Map identifiers
The delimited text converter script. This also handles identifier mapping.
Iclust IclustEstS.tar
The Iclust and EstS programs.